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 "Don't undertake a project unless it ismanifestly important and nearly impossible."This powerful quote from Edwin H. Land has been our all analog credo from that magic day back in 2008 when we had the chance to rescue the Polaroid factory the very last second.Today, exactly 8 years later, I urgently have to inform you that once again it is NOW in our hands to save something manifestly important and nearly impossible  the very last second. This time it is not about the factory of a big shortsighted company. This time it is all about  small and incredibly dedicated team of analog visionaries: the team from Bob Crowley and his New55 heroes.I personally have desperately searched the world to find somebody who has...

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Analog,almost 3 months went by since my last post, and hopefully there are still some of you left that have not lost the trust in the lazy doc and his crazy dream to save packfilm. Because today finally is the day that I can inform the world with a big analog smile on my face that we really have the incredible opportunity to SAVE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE!!!The reason for my optimism are mainly based on the incredible team that I managed to bring together over the last weeks and I personally want to now introduce the 2 key players: My friend and true analog maverick Mr. Bob Crowley, one of the very few people...

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JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Analog,I once again have to apologize for the long silence. The last weeks have been very busy as I dedicated all my time and energy to define the very best strategy for our Analog Product Institute and to search for the perfect partners to right away rocket start our most important first project: The Peel Apart Plan B.This search also brought me to the USA and I am delighted to say that a wild coast to coast trip - with many flights, many motels and many hours in the car - had an incredible outcome that really healed all my wounds from back in Japan.My dear friends, believers and supporters:...

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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 19: The Analog Product Institute (API)

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE   Dear all, so far I trashed about 234 versions of the "most powerful press release against Fujifilm ever written". Because, honestly, as days go by and my anger about the final NO from Fuji slowly calms down, I more and more change my mind. After all these weeks of fighting for the packfilm format so hard, and after so many hours spent trying to find a way to cooperate with Fujifilm, we maybe just have to accept the fact that Fuji simply can not re-think their decision. Basically, it does not even really matter to again and again ask for the reasons. And instead of spending more energy on blaming and blackmailing Fuji, we finally decided NOT to develop a press release that questions the Fuji management, but to instead start working on...

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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 18: Up. And Down.

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE   Dear all, what a day! Starting incredibly promising, with beautiful sunshine and an early morning coffee at the beautiful house of my friend Heinz Lichtenegger. He is the founder, mastermind and CEO of Pro-Ject and godfather of the world's most beautiful turntables.Followed by an entertaining, 2-hours drive through maybe the most beautiful parts of Austria and discussing all kinds of analog topics, whilst heading towards the Pro-Ject factory in the Czech Republic.And there it was: another factory that has been only a few days away from being closed forever, saved by Heinz at the very last minute and now filled with almost 400 workers, producing more than 12.000 splendid turntables every month. Currently...

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