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Dear friends,

more than 1 month without any update, please forgive and allow me to be completely honest - there are 2 reasons for the long silence:

The first 2 weeks I was super busy traveling and breathtakingly successful visiting and convincing the last missing SUPERHEROES who are essentially and urgently needed to realize our dream of a simply perfect Kickstarter campaign!! I will proudly present them in the course of the very next days. I am delighted to inform you right away, that I managed to recruit my absolute dream dream and regarding superpowers only the Real Madrid soccer team (before Ronaldo leaving) or maybe the Avangers themselves can come close to the potential of our Save Packfilm League of all analog SUPERHEROES.

The rest of the time I was super relaxed traveling with my family, breathtakingly successfully doing exactly nothing but diving into a fantastic holiday break at the coast of Portugal. Re-charging my all analog batteries in order to be in perfect shape to finally SAVE PACKFILM big time before the end of this year.

As the last sand grains are slowly disappearing from between my toes, I do not want to waste time and right away, re-open the gallery of Packfilm SUPERHEROES with the next entry:

Markus "The Beard" Mahla

This gentleman has been on my side for more than 15 years now, fighting for the future of instant film. Since I met him at the famous Polaroid Ship in Cologne during Photokina 2002, he was one of the very few to not only believe in my mission but also has been essential to making them come true. Back then, Markus was one of the leading Polaroid managers and had the superpower to mix super experienced manager quality with a dash of the crazy vision that was urgently needed to believe in the all analog fantasies of this crazy spider expert from Vienna.

Since that day, The Beard always has been incredibly important for all my adventures as super serious and hyper experienced manager, but also as investor who connected our dreams with the "boring" reality of company thinking, business planning, project management and experience.

In August, Markus finally decided to end his professional career as outrageously overpaid high end manager for the coolest brands in order to dive deeper into the maybe most exciting "next big thing" called the SUPERSENSE.

As an important aspect and one of the main projects he will direct his SUPERPOWERS onto the support and super serious development of the SAVE PACKFILM project. Taking care everything is treated not only super passionately but also super professional. Taking care that the whole project does not stop again for 2 weeks because the lazy Doc decides to grill sardines in Portugal.

More soon,













  • hugo

    Hope my country inspire you and your team to bring us back the pack film back! My last fuji fp100 films are running out…

  • Daniel Gordon

    Congrats! Keep up the epic work of bringing pack film back. We’re here hoping for more great news. Thanks!

  • Jamie

    Thank you for another update! I’m counting down to the Kickstarter launch…

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