Dear friends,

even if it took us more than 2 years to develop a waterproof strategy of how to really SAVE PACKFILM, it finally turned out that the perfect guideline for such a truly important mission can basically be found in any comic book:

Step 1:

Step 2:
You have to create a secret HEADQUARTER, a real fortress of solitude, an office of coordination. Not just a place where these Superheroes can hang up their capes and recharge their superpowers. But mainly a place where we -acting as mission control- can connect with YOU, all our supporters globally, unite all our forces, plan all actions and bundle all our wildest dreams and energies.

After long research for the perfect location it became clear, that the modern headquarter of a modern superhero adventure surely has to be a virtual one. Therefore the famous LEX, THE WEBMEISTER, created this "top secret" WEBSITE together with his blind sidekick dog BARTHOLOMAEUS (pictured above).

From now on this fantastic hideout will serve as our new headquarter for this important adventure. Please close your eyes before clicking  on this top secret LINK that will directly zoom into our new pack film mission retreat.

See you at the headquarter,

Florian 'Doc' Kaps





  • Raymond van Mil

    Saving pack film would be the greatest gift and I’m all for it. So its extra important to be realistic and down to earth..

    For instance, some information on how you want to make the film would be reassuring!! Which film/chemistry wizards are in on this? Herchen? Reuter? Crowley? Kodak? Unknown talent? Not even started on this one?

    And the prices for packfilm. Come on. If this is old stock (which still sells for 35 something by the way) then there is the wholesale price would be below 20. 10 for the project still leaves a huge profit just because of it being expired… if from the 47, 27 would go to the project it would be a hero, now its just a smart sales channel….

  • Mark Jordon

    So happy about this Is it possible to bring back roll film on this coat tail

  • Tod Brilliant

    The real heir to the heart and soul of Polaroid steps up again!

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