Save Packfilm Superhero Nr. 8 :: Nafis "NITROGEN" Azad


Dear all,

the celebration of the 20x24 Studio Superheroes Collective would not be complete without the introduction of the youngest member: Nafis "NITROGEN" Azad. With his impressive background (engineering degree and a master of fine arts in photography) combined with slamming next generation superpowers, he upgrades the performance of his 2 "slightly" older superhero sidekicks by several degrees (best compared to the performance change when filling your VW with finest nitrogen).

Among his ever expanding and still developing superpowers, I could witness his amazing night vision capabilities during our crazy packfilm darkroom adventures in Ashland. In just a few seconds, he super precisely hand aseambled even the most delicate and complicated test samples in complete darkness in a super tiny darkroom at crazy temperatures (dreaming of 123 virgins) without a single drop of sweat on his face.

The picture shows "Nitro" with one of his first magically hand assembled early stage packfilm sized test, proving that the Ted's super pods perform more than promising.

Feeling super empowered with our Save Packfilm team that is now complete and ready to take things further, 





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  • Jamie

    Really, really excited to see what you all have in store for us! Thank you for your hard work!

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