Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Analog,

almost 3 months went by since my last post, and hopefully there are still some of you left that have not lost the trust in the lazy doc and his crazy dream to save packfilm.

Because today finally is the day that I can inform the world with a big analog smile on my face that we really have the incredible opportunity to SAVE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE!!!

The reason for my optimism are mainly based on the incredible team that I managed to bring together over the last weeks and I personally want to now introduce the 2 key players:

My friend and true analog maverick Mr. Bob Crowley, one of the very few people that made something possible that even for myself was truly impossible: by re-inventing and professionally producing the maybe most magic instant film of all time: the New55 PN, 4x5 inch black&white, positive-negative film.

Visiting his incredible instant film manufactory in Ashland changed my life and this very last place still producing peel apart instant materials is more than essential as the new home and development laboratory for this adventure.

We just finished a microsite dedicated to Bob and his team that I heartily invite you to visit in order to learn more about this wonderful people and their visions and their products.

But there is another person without whom I would not be able to write these lines. Allow me to introduce Mr. David Bohnett, who became my friend and powerful supporter in this adventure over the last exhausting and now productive months after contacting me in this travelog upon my devastating visit to Japan.

David sold his pioneering social network site, to Yahoo ! in 1994 and has been an investor in dozens of technology start-ups since then. That he now also actively supports this project as a true believer in the importance of preserving analog photography, truly adds incredible value and impact to our mission to evolve a new modern future of the iconic analog peel apart.

I hope you agree that together with this 2 gentlemen we have gathered the very best team to start and spearhead this challenging adventure.

But of course we will need all of you to finally succeed and make this happen. So this is not only my invitation to celebrate this wonderful news today but also to stay tuned as we are currently preparing a Kickstarter campaign as the first important step in this mission. Please already sign up here to always receive the latest updates. 

Yours truly excited,





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  • Ianalog

    Super project; Dream can become reality. But there is a concern, No one talks about it, nor does it communicate that.
    There is currently a KICKSTARTER campaign set up by the partner and collaborator of florian kaps DOC: NEW 55, which deals with the development of technologies and machines
    To start an industrial production of the support which will serve to perpetuate the 100 packfilm type, abandoned by FUJIFILM.
    If you want the legacy to be perpetuated, it is very important to communicate around you the presence of this project and the link, if you want this to happen.
    Thank you all for sharing and participating in this campaign.
    Here is the link:

  • fastcat99

    New55 has started a kickstarter campaign to fund the next phase of film development (pun intended!!). The project will fund the film invention and mass production manufacturing process for new peel-apart 4×5 color film. If successful, this peel-apart film will be the foundation for the next generation Land camera packfilm that we are all hungering for!!! Please generously support this kickstarter project!! Here is the link:×5-peelapart-film

  • Colin

    YES!!!! Thanks for the hard work. I will support this!

  • Jamie

    Yewww! This is fantastic news, and i’ve been waiting for it! I will definitely support the campaign, and i thank you all for keeping my cameras alive! Keep up the great work, doc!

  • bodgehog

    Great news! Thank you ever so much.

  • Meaulne

    yeah !! bravo keep on push !!

  • Roger

    Can’t wait to see the first of the filmpacks (B&W or Color). The sources for FP-100c and FP-3000b are getting pretty scarce.

  • JJon James

    Yes, yes, yes! Looks like hanging onto the ol’ polaroid backs will be a good thing.

  • Briana Morrison

    Such great news! It is so nice to have hope again. I can’t wait to see what your team comes up with!

  • fastcat99

    At last….the wonderful news update that we were all hoping for. Thank you Doc & Team!!! We all support you for every step of the way forward!!

  • Dustin Hern

    Thanks for the update. I think many of us have been feeling that if anybody can bring back peel-apart pack film, it’s New55. I look forward to contributing to the Kickstarter campaign and to continuing to shoot pack film.

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