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Dear patient friends,

one of the main drives and energy rechargers during our super challenging and exhausting mission to SAVE PACKFILM has been the horror vision that all these legendary classic packfilm cameras will become obsolete. Thousands of beautifully crafted cameras are out there, desperately hoping for a bright future of packfilm. Many of them amongst the most professional cameras ever built, all of them design icons.

With Polaroid and Fujifilm ceasing packfilm production, it is has become our RESPONSIBILTY and DUTY to develop a new production strategy, using everything we learned over the last years. Making another impossible mission possible. And even if all of this once again took much longer than planned....WE ARE ALMOST THERE! In exactly 6 days on....


we will finally and truly launch our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. So please prepare yourself and dust off your favorite cameras OR - if you're only just starting into this adventure - get your camera NOW. Provided by our new, super experienced partners Kori and Adam from Retrospekt, our fresh main source for the best mint packfilm cameras on earth.

All of their cameras are carefully refurbished, cleaned, tested, and converted to use standard batteries. Please discover a small selection of our most favorite cameras in order to be ready for the future of packfilm! As always all proceeds will be used for our grande mission to save packfilm.

And - as we have made you waiting for way too long we want to apologize with a very special offer: the first 10 cameras ordered will arrive at their new home with a matching free flash unit - because just as your photographs, the future of packfilm is bright!

Looking forward to presenting you all details on December 5, 



  • will

    it has taken me months to find this website i recommend that you.Buy some of the pack film to help this to make pack film

  • Roger Wade

  • mauro

    Can someone post the link to the kickstarter campaign, it´s already 5:07 PM CET time and cant find it! Anxious to support this project!!! let´s save Pack film!!!

  • fastcat99

    Only 17 minutes to go until the Kickstarter campaign is released. So excited for Doc & his team. Wishing for great success!!!

  • Willem

    Hoping, hoping on succes !
    This must be a succesful campain !

  • Chris Warner-Carey

    Fantastic! I’m down to my last pack of Fuji FP-100C, purchased for $18 last year…

  • andrea

    great great and again great

  • Roger Wade

    Wow! Fingers crossed. I wish you all the very best for the campaign. Let’s do it!

  • kazu

    Thanks Doc and team! I wish I could involve with something like this! I will for sure back you! I hope you can do 4×5 as well! Thank you! From Australia.

  • DerIkonograph

    Wow – This is what I call good news!

  • Veko

    I’m so excited for this! Really looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with!

  • Hoyet Taylor


  • Aaron Smith

    I am really looking forward to this kickstarter- thanks Supersense! I do think it is worth mentioning that even the simplest packfilm camera has more creative control than a “focus free point and shoot”. The Colorpack 2, probably the most common plastic packfilm camera, has exposure control and a focusing ring, as well as using flash cubes. It also has a different aperture for 100 and 3000 film. Many of the classic “Automatics”(bellows style pack film cameras) have several apertures, and their viewfinder is parallax corrected and also a rangefinder! The cheapest of these cameras is better than most point and shoots by far. If you don’t already have one of these cameras, get one now!

  • Filip

    I bought a new vacuümcleaner to dunst the 250. Now come get my money and make packfilm.

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