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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 17: The Reply from FUJI

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE   Dear analog friends,first of all I'd very much like to thank you for sharing all your #wesavepackfilm self portraits – it's so nice to see you and to get faces to the feeling of so many people standing behind this campaign!I arrived in Hamburg yesterday for some additional analog adventures, and I wanted to take the opportunity to finally provide some valuable updates regarding our conversation with the FUJI management.Starting with the good news: we finally managed to connect with a high rank person at the Fuji headquarters, obviously involved in the decision making of packfilm production. We received a very polite and kind reply to our letter, informing us that the FUJI management tried its very best to keep FP 100C alive as long as possible, and that they are now finally forced to end...

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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 16: Who are We?

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE Dear packfilm fans with your fingers crossed,somehow it does not feel right to really just sit and wait, even if I myself just told you that there is nothing else we should or could do for the moment.Basically on a daily basis I receive splendid suggestions on what to do, and carefully thinking about all of them one (recurring) proposal might be a really clever one. Therefore I would love to change my mind and kindly invite you to uncross your fingers for some minutes in order to shoot some self portraits on your last remaining packfilm resources.   I think this would not be wasted material as I really think it would add a...

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JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE   Dear all of you who are so patiently waiting for packfilm news and updates,even if we are still waiting for some precise feedback to all our questions as well as proposals discussed with the Fuji management over the last weeks, I nevertheless can inform you about some new glimpses of hope at our analog horizon.Well, maybe you remember that I told you about the miracle of some incredible powerful support that heaven sent me about a week ago. I'm still not in the position to mention any name, but  this gentleman developed an amazing letter, framing his outstanding support for our project in polite and very precise words. At the end of last week, this...

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SAVE PACKFILM TRAVELOG NO. 14: Impossible Projects

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE When being stuck in the middle of some impossible projects, almost nothing feels better than the experience that there are many other crazy people out there, also fighting for their visions, no matter how small their chances to succeed are. In this respect, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Jens Meurer. I first met him about 3 years ago at a small Italian restaurant in Berlin. As I knew that he was an experienced and quite successful filmmaker and producer, I did my very best to get him excited about the Impossible adventure to keep Polaroid film alive. We ended up diving deep into discussions about the wonderful re-discovery of everything analog in our digital world. To my delight, Jens called me just a few days later to inform me about his decision to start working on a documentary on this thrilling...

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SAVE PACKFILM TRAVELOG NO. 13: The Packfilm Family

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE When preparing for my meeting with the FujiFilm management, I spent some time to research the history of instant film, discovering another beautiful and very special aspect of packfilm that I want to share with you.As you all know, “peel apart film” was the first instant film developed by Edwin Land. It was first introduced in 1947 and finally brought to the market in 1948. The first systems used this concept in a format called roll film, but soon the first packfilm formats were introduced by Polaroid and defined the glory of this company until 1972. Back then, Land introduced the SX-70 integral film system, today produced by IMPOSSIBLE.Due to the worldwide success of instant photography, several other large companies stared to develop their instant systems too. And Kodak, formerly a close partner with Polaroid, was...

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