Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Analog,

I once again have to apologize for the long silence. The last weeks have been very busy as I dedicated all my time and energy to define the very best strategy for our Analog Product Institute and to search for the perfect partners to right away rocket start our most important first project: The Peel Apart Plan B.

This search also brought me to the USA and I am delighted to say that a wild coast to coast trip - with many flights, many motels and many hours in the car - had an incredible outcome that really healed all my wounds from back in Japan.

My dear friends, believers and supporters: Our Plan B develops much more promising than I ever dared to dream of! I am still in the process of nailing down all the details but very soon I will be in the fortunate position to proudly present you an absolute dream team. That in my understanding has a more than realistic chance to develop and define the future of next generation peel apart instant film products that we all love so much. A team with breathtaking expertise, extensive resources, magic capabilities and most importantly the steely will to make this happen together!!!

So please enjoy your weekend with a happy smile and once again with honest hope in your heart. Like I will, as it finally feels like we are now really on the right rack and positive energies start flowing.

Yours truly,






  • Skoda

    Sorry, some typos in the last post. The word Aduriz was created by autocorrect – I meant to write Fujifilm. I also mistyped Fuji as ‘Guji’ on a few occasions, so please do pardon me.
    My point was that the Doc is no hero, but an opportunist who only invests in businesses when they are defunct so he could profit from the fan base. With the Impossible Project he never made a decent product before bowing out. He is still lauded as being a a saviour of instant film, and the coverage his antics get in the media have had a detrimental effect on Fuji’s efforts because Impossible and Kaps are often portrayed as being the ones left in the instant photography world. People support Kaps because they think he is saving instant photography but Fuji are making better products and if people want to save instant photography it would be better to buy Fujifilm’s products because they make far superior products that actually work. Polaroid was great but it is no more and this charlatan’s work is not helping the better products get the exposure they require.

  • Skoda

    People hating on Fuji baffle ,e. Analogue film sales have been declining for years. The fact that they continued making packfilm beyond 2000 is commendable and I was amazed to hear a few years ago that the film was available for a very old Polaroid clams camera I had acquired. Using the film and the camera was a fine exeperience but I sensed the party would be over soon so I sold the stuff. Fujifilm is in the business of making products and it would not make any sense for them to discontinue a product that sells. This did not, so are people here really saying that they should have continued regardless? They announced they are discontinuing the product but this may also be due to other factors that people are not aware of. Sometimes the raw materials required to make a product become scarce or more expensive (anyone making chemicals for film must be dealing with a handful of corporations that are shrinking by the day), and the lack of sales do not justify the costs of keeping the machines running, the factories open etc. The profits must outweigh the costs of running something. Hating on Gujifilm is unfair as they kept pack film going for many many years after the format more or less became obsolete. How dedicated is that?

    I also think the Doc’s work has partly harmed Fuji. He is often portrayed as someone who saved instant film, but he was an opportunist who managed to buy Polaroid’s machines to make integral film because he knew being the only one who makes the film will guarantee success because there were plenty of people who owned old Polaroid cameras. He knew he’d be the only one who they will come to for the film and the product doesn’t even have to be good. He probably didn’t intend the film to be as execrable as it is, but his idea was to be the only one who makes products for the cameras.
    A lot of people in the photography community give his poor efforts a lot of coverage. Hardly anybody in the media ever wrote about Fuji’s pack film and how people could use vintage land cameras with it. Instead they gave the coverage to Kaps and his crap and how he saved instant photography when in reality Fuji are making the best products and have done so for a long time. Their pack film was incredible and it produced far superior results to anything Impossible ever made, and sure it may not be a fair comparison, since Aduriz are a big company, but from a consumer perspective the better product is all that matters. If the media paid more attention to other instant photography products and publicised them instead of repeatedly declaring the Doc’s rubbish work as being the only thing that matters, perhaps the film would have survived.

    As for his current efforts, he is desperately trying to capitalise on Guji’s exit by, once again, “saving instant photography” by being the only one who makes this film and exploiting pack film fans by producing another half baked product like the rubbish manufactured by Impossible.

  • V-G

    Does not even bother to answer..

    I guess they dont say that they have given up, because then they would lose lots of followers.

  • Tyler

    Still following and still hoping! Please update!

  • m

    new year and new info updates please???

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