Dear fellow packfilm adventure travelers,
I am writing this update more than 2 years after I started this adventure on March 11th of 2016. As you know I was not really able to present you some promising progress so far, and the last update has been posted more than 6 months ago. For many of you it might have seemed like this has come to an end. Today I am happy to report that quite the contrary is true, as with SUPERSENSE being a magnet for crazy analog tinkerers, inventors, makers, believers and dreamers, I could recruit a really breathtakingly powerful league of SUPERHEROS over the last few months, capable and ready to fight for and develop truly realistic options for the future of packfilm.
I hope and I know and I feel that the packfilm community's heart out there is still beating, united by love and passion for this endangered medium.  Together we are strong and unstoppable, stubborn as a rock and I cordially invite you to re-start this adventure with me.
From tomorrow on I will proudly introduce my new league of PACKFILM SUPERHEROES as well as our super smart strategy that we developed over the last months, as we know that this is most probably our very last chance.
So please undust your packfilm cameras, stay tuned and delight us with your trust and support one more time to together prepare for the ultimate battle for our beloved packfilm
Yours truly excited,
Florian 'Doc' Kaps


  • Patrick Pitzer

    Great news. My 600SE is hungry and there are only three packs left in the fridge!

  • Sandra

    What have my tired eyes jzst read?
    Best news ever, my stock won’t last forever…
    Good luck.

  • Mateo

    thank you so much. Great news

  • Marcel (Kleinbildphotographie)

    Read this and bought a Polaroid Landcamera Automatic 330 instant :D Thank you so much, I will write an article for my german community in the next couple of days.


  • Anna-Matilda

    Me and My partner hope that this is not the end. We Hope that this is a new beginning ! All our Love From SWEDEN!

  • Brock

    This is some of the best news I’ve heard in… well… EVER! Thanks so much for all you’ve done and continue to do for the future of instant film.

  • Collin

    Woooooohoo!! Thanks for this promising new effort, Doc. I thought all hope was lost when Fuji packfilm bit the dust. My college roommates and I have been slowly milking my last pack of FP-100C, and blinding people with the flashbulbs. This is exciting news.

  • Paul Giambarba

    Last man standing salutes you, Doc. It was Polaroid’s best product. All the best!

  • Polete

    May the force be with you Doc!!

  • cary oliva

    I am SO thrilled! I can’t accept that this art form can die. I need it to live! Happy to support and buy more pack film soon! Keep us posted and best of luck!

  • Braca

    Keep rockin Doc!
    Im with you!

  • robert quiet photographer

    ready to support you, thanks.

  • Vaidotas Miksys

    We are with you. Stay strong!

  • Virgile

    That’s a fantastic news. Thanks, please go on !

  • Jan van den Broek

    That’s promising news, I hope the next message will be ‘it giet oan!’ (that’s Frisian a northern language from the Netherlands. In English: ‘it goes on!’ I wish you and your team good luck!!

  • Calvin Mattheis

    Great news and good luck! Hope to use my Polaroid 420 again soon!

  • Alek Lindus

    Terrific- can’t wait

  • Stan Kieffer

    Thanks Doc!! We are all waiting to hear good news about the future of pack film!

  • Bill Manning


    I would very much like to help get this word out. Would you be interested in being a guest on my podcast, Studio C-41, to talk about this in-depth! Email is header.

    Thanks so much!

    Bill Manning

  • Brad Stein

    My heart leaps! Wonderful news!

  • Gerald

    All right! Fingers crossed for a film with Type 55 charm.

  • Paul Holmes

    Good luck it sounds like an impossible project!

  • Garbo

    Buying a new lens for my 600SE!

  • KAzuhiro FUjii

    I am 100% comitted! Thank you very much for trying! I cannot wait to see new films from your team! I will wait for your updates!

  • Brian McCullough

    Keeping my fingers crossed …

  • Hoyet Taylor

    I’m all in Doc!

  • Kelly

    Will this film work with my Polaroid automatic 320 land camera?

  • Jamie

    I just bought a Polaroid 195. I’m ready for what you’ve got!!!!

  • Sean

    Amen! Thanks Doc, we are with you!

  • Mammothcamera

    Excited and hopeful ! If anyone can do this….. it must be you.

  • Francis Van Maele

    This sound like good news.
    I knew you would not give up so quickly !!

  • Bill Counts

    Take my money!!! 😊

  • filippo

    I will support you and buying the product from day 1

  • Paul Ravenscroft

    Risen from the ashes! If anyone can…

  • Daniel Karpinski

    This just brightened up my day massively! Really hope you your team manage to make this happen. Let’s Bring back pack film !!

  • Stefano

    Incredible!A new impossible project. A great man! My polaroid 100 is waiting. . .

  • John Lyans

    This is exciting news. Best wishes for your project.

  • Tom Garrity

    Fingers crossed that you’ve got this!

  • Tom Garrity

    Fingers crossed that you’ve got this!

  • Miodrag Bazdar

    Thank you so much for your efforts to save instant photography, there are numbers of us that appreciate this.


    Ich hoffe und danke Euch für euren Starcken einsatz!!!
    Das ist SUPER !!!!!🤞🏼

  • Tanja

    Das wäre sooooooooooooo großartig. Danke für deinen unermüdlichen Einsatz!

  • Peter Cheng

    I knew this day would come. Thank you very much!

  • Karin Claus

    Ohhh wow love to hear the news

  • Filipe Raimundo

    Tanks for keeping the spirit of Instant photography alive!
    We all hope for better news.

  • Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde

    You just made an already brilliant day a million times better! Good luck and thank you so so much!

  • Susana De Sousa

    Great news. Good luck!

  • Ian fleming

    Brilliant news, we thank you so much

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