Celebrating the BIG SHOT with Cheyenne Morrison


Dear all,

following last week's post about the magic and importance of packfilm cameras I'm more than happy to today celebrate a very special packfilm camera of no other kind: the legendary Big Shot Camera (one of its most legendary users might be Andy Warhol, who called this camera his pen and pencil and used it to create all his silk screened celebrity portraits).

To support our Save Packfilm mission, Mr. Cheyenne Morrison (pictured above) - a passionate Australian instant photographer with a love for packfilm since ever- provided us with a wonderful original blueprint artwork of the Big Shot, which we carefully turned into a strictly limited art edition of exactly 33 pieces, produced on cotton rag with carbon print.

Please allow me to invite you to click on this link if you are interested to learn more about the unique design process and the story of this camera.

Please be aware that most likely you may fall in love with this wonderful artprint and supply is strictly limited.

Thank you,






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