Dear all,

today was supposed to celebrate the launch of our game changing Save Packfilm Kickstarter campaign. Making our impossible dream of saving another iconic analog film material come true with the help of our global community. Once again proving that magic “digitally obsolete” products can and have to stay in production even if big boring companies can not think of a profitable business plan.

BUT! After many crazy busy, super challenging weeks to prepare for this essentially important campaign stuffed with a lot of darkroom adventures and sample testing / filming we just decided to NOT press the big red, blinking start button today, but to move our launch date to NOVEMBER 8 (please mark that date in your calendar!!).

Please forgive and please believe us, that the fact we could not rock it today is NOT a sign of giving up this dream!!!!! We hope you agree that a delay to optimize and finetune this hyper important campaign is better than rushing, not squeezing out the maximum of this unique opportunity. Even though being patient is currently hard because we are super super excited to report that we are much much closer to our dream becoming reality than ever before.

Just fancy hot steam talking to talking to hide our desperation and keep you in the loop ?????

Please judge your self and visit our just updated SAVE PACKFILM MICROSITE with a lot of detailed updates on the status quo and even a short TEASER VIDEO from the latest prototype testing and Kickstarter video filming sessions with Uwe at the SUPERSENSE lab 3 days ago.

Ladies and gentlemen: Please trust your senses: We can do it. Once again, the impossible seems to be possible, but traditionally just needs slightly more time and even more of our attention.





  • Sher

    Please, please, please make it so!!!!! Waiting anxiously….

  • Patrick Elsass

    I’m all in. Rock on, brother.

  • Rad

    I wonder if the approach of adapting motorised back compatible with current Instax wide (108mmx86mm) format would not be more successful due to potential profit for fuji. What if they got on board? Rooting for you anyway.


    I appreciate the ‘back to the drawing board’ approach. Build your own solution rather than replicating that of a past company :)

    I am pulling for you guys!!! I will be ready to jump on that kickstarter when the time is right.

    Cheers from Portland, OR, USA.

  • Jamie

    Still as psyched as ever!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Aaron Smith

    Thank you for waiting- the extra time will allow us pack film fans to blog, link, and get the word out! I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work reinventing our favorite instant film!!

  • Hanns Rüdiger

    Gruß nach Wien – ich drücke die Daumen ! Eine phantastische Initiative, danke, Doc ‚

  • Franciszek Hilgier

    This is promising! crosses fingers :D

  • Jordan LEUNG

    Hey Doc,

    Although I was little disappointed when I found that the kickstarter campaign is postponed, I am still excited for the new packfilm even I have to wait for another 2 months. My Crown Graphic and Super Technika are ready for the packfilm with PA145 back or even PA45 back if you guys will make 4×5 size packfilm! I will try my best to share this dream to people around me and support the kickstarter campaign once it is kicked off.

    Carry on and I will be always there.

    A tiny support from Hong Kong

  • andrea

    I can’t wait, thanks Doc & Co. :)

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