Save Packfilm Superhero Nr. 7 :: John "REVOLUTIONARY" Reuter


Dear followers,

also the next superhero I am proudly introducing today is part of the amazing 20x24 studio team, in fact he was the one starting this amazing adventure:

Please welcome with the mysterious superhero number 7....SUPERHERRRRRO JOOOOOOOHN "RRRRRRRREVOLUTIONARY" REUTER

This gentlemen, easily recognizable by his reduced but stylish black superhero outfit (made out of secret photochemistry resistant fabric) and his VW GTI superhero car, has a long track record of successful heroic adventures, and I will only be able to list a few in this blog post.

John is an outstanding instant film artist and wizard, re-defining and actively changing instant photography for decades, introducing many impossible techniques and tricks which are still benchmark globally. Nobody else has such an experience across all instant film formats and all cameras ever built, including even the biggest monsters, including cameras as big as a whole room. Nobody is as close to the true soul of instant film than JR.

As if this wasn't enough, John stood up and started fighting like a titan when the 20x24 project was in serious danger. Supported by a mystery investor he not only purchased all remaining high quality peel apart film material Polaroid that was about to scrap in 2008, BUT he also rescued all machines and chemicals needed to re-start the production of NEW peel apart films in a warehouse and with a super small team. Against all odds and with unbelievable energy, passion and vision.

Only because of this Superhero I was able save the last 8x10 production machines back in 2008. Many more projects and adventures followed, and today John R. is again one of the key assets in our team to finally SAVE packfilm. THANK YOU MASTER for your never ending support and energy!









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