Introducing ONE INSTANT


Dear all,

totally exhausted but incredibly happy, I herewith try to type this very last blog message, almost 3 years after my very first entry.

My fingers are trembling and my head is spinning because NOW! in just ONE INSTANT I will FINALLY PUSH THE START BUTTON for not only our Kickstarter campaign but more importantly for a future of this magic material we have been so intensively fighting for all these months. Thank you so very much for staying with me and never loosing your belief in our impossible mission. 
This LINK to KICKSTARTER would not have been possible without your support

Let`s do it!


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  • Paul Latka

    Hi Doc, that’s wonderful news. As one of the 10 people who started Impossible at the 1ste of December 2008, I was always a great fan of your idea’s. After you and André (the initiators of Impossible) left the company, and it was taken over by some morons I finally lost my job in December 2016. Still a lot of people, working at the Factory, are not happy with them. But they have underestimated me. Please contact me if you can, maybe I can help you to bring back T-100 on a greater scale.

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