Save Packfilm Travelog No. 7: Countdown


Could not sleep and stood up early. Put on my best suit and even my "bring me luck - Paul Smith - socks", the only piece of prestige designer fashion I was ever able to afford.

Last night, Jun and I had once more discussed the possible best strategies over a bottle of good Austrian natural wine and a wild selection of Omakase Take Away Sushi. As I wanted to carefully integrate these new finetunings into the final presentation before printing it and heading off for the meeting, I walked over to the office early in the morning to quietly prepare for the important day.

At 11am, Jun picked me up together with Masa, his famous accountant, who also runs a small record label and who was kind enough to travel with me as a translator and guide. 

Osaka! So finally this was the location for the last hope/business meeting with the Fujifilm management. To be reached with this incredible high speed train called Shinkansen.

The moment our train arrived I had to think about this action packed scene in the last Wolferine movie. Hopefully the meeting with Fuji will be less brutal! 

150 minutes to go. Step by step I slowly introduced Masa to my presentation, so that he really inhales all the key points. 

How should I possibly convince people without having even the slightest knowledge of their language??? Traveling with top speed direction Osaka, 60 minutes left,...…








  • Raymond van Mil

    this is too much of a cliffhanger, please write an update!!

  • Axel Breton

    No news today? Getting anxious!

  • Mariano

    Go ahead and may the analog force be with you!!

  • Boris

    I love you and my Polaroid 195! Good luck! I am really appreciate for your work and Impossible Project. >_<

  • Taylor Sperring

    My father had lunch today with your friend Warren Struhl. As an avid pack film photographer here in New YorkI would like to give you some feed back from the United States. Today I photographed Brian J Mccluskey one of Wall Street’s finest and he too can see the potential of this film. Best of luck to you.

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