Save Packfilm Travelog No. 17: The Reply from FUJI



Dear analog friends,

first of all I'd very much like to thank you for sharing all your #wesavepackfilm self portraits – it's so nice to see you and to get faces to the feeling of so many people standing behind this campaign!

I arrived in Hamburg yesterday for some additional analog adventures, and I wanted to take the opportunity to finally provide some valuable updates regarding our conversation with the FUJI management.

Starting with the good news: we finally managed to connect with a high rank person at the Fuji headquarters, obviously involved in the decision making of packfilm production. We received a very polite and kind reply to our letter, informing us that the FUJI management tried its very best to keep FP 100C alive as long as possible, and that they are now finally forced to end the production by "circumstances beyond their control". This of course are very bad news for our hope to keep this magic material we all love so much alive.

BUT only a few lines later the Fuji manager lets us know that "while we cannot continue to manufacture and market the FP-100C, we will continue to support the photographic industry."

To be honest, these lines really gave me new hope that still a happy ending is not completely out of reach!

Over the weekend we carefully developed a reply letter to FUJI, thanking them for their long fight of keeping FP-100C alive until today and proposing several new approaches to develop and produce a NEW generation/kind of Type 100 packfilm. As in our understanding it does not have to be the brilliantly colorful iconic FP-100C to define and write the next chapters of peel apart instant film. Luckily, we most probably have several other options to launch a splendid comeback of analog peel apart film with new materials, if FUJI supports us with their machinery and experience.

At the moment we have this letter translated into Japanese and will send it back to our high rank contact later today.

So please keep your fingers crossed, even if I really can imagine that they must be hurting by now.

We can do it.

Best regards,




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