Save Packfilm Travelog No. 6: A sunny day


SUN! Finally. Stood up early this morning and with a happy smile on my face I loaded the first pack of COLOR into my 360. Why haven't I used this lovely camera for so long? Totally focusing on the integral system and just traveling with my SX-70 the last years, this incredible camera will from now on definitely be back in my travel case. Especially now, as we are only a few moments away from defining the new bright shining future for this format! Incredible how some rays of sun can recharge your energies! YES, we can.

After a short walk over to Jun's office, I'm in perfect shape to start working on a simply irresistible presentation which not even the Fuji management will be able to resist. On the couch I once more go through all the notes that I have written down the last days:

Between the pages I find two more pictures that I took yesterday evening at the impressive Fuji Film Square, home of not just a gallery but also a museum of Fuji's bright history. The first picture shows my favorite part of the museum, where basically my two all time Fuji favorites are next to each other:

The wonderful, highly professional packfilm camera Fuji built in 1987: The outstanding FP-1. The simply perfect modern version of my new best friend, the Polaroid 360. And below these the legendary Single 8 system, Fuji's answwer to Kodaks Super8 format. Of course traditionally much better, more reliebale and smarter than Super8. Unfortunately also history.

So let's switch over to the present and let's dive into the analog Fuji cameras still available. Unfortunately all of them basically fit in one picture: 

The small Instax system with different cameras and a photo printer. The legendary bulky Instax wide camera, new in design since last year, AND: The absolutely wonderful GF670, a nothing but breathtaking medium format camera of basically no other kind. THIS is exactly how analog photography has to be celebrated in today's digital world. A company that invests so much money, energy and thinking into the development of such a prestige camera, simply must have a precise understanding of the essential values of analog!!!!!

Did I write about doubts and fears the past days??? Forget about it! The days of companies still cutting their essential analog strings MUST simply be over.



  • FP

    Deep down inside I’m sure Fuji cares deeply about photographic history and what it means. Remember, back in 2011 they were the ones that started the “Photo Rescue Project”, which helped countless people after the tsunami hit by assisting them in the recovery and saving of personal family photos from the muddy waters. Maybe a brief mention of this (their) history will help you tug at their heart strings to understand what their film means to people around the world (?), because I’m pretty sure that a whole lot of the photos they helped save during that time where shot on their pack film (color and B&W).

    History about it:

    Their YouTube video about it:

  • Stefan

    Vielen Dank Doc! Ich drücke dir die Daumen :-)

  • Vic

    Vielen Dank für alles Doc. Viel Glück!

  • Mason S

    My Polaroid 250 and I are pulling for you!

  • lefolle

    Spent a lot of time pushing the petition online to make this happen. Give me a shout if I can help sell the rebirth of this format. Cameron (Composer)..

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