Save Packfilm Travelog No. 2: From Vienna to Tokyo


Sitting here at the airport and looking at the plane that will soon take me to Tokyo, I take my very first picture of this journey. Slowly peeling it apart I can not help but getting sentimental and remember my last "pack film journey" a few years ago.

Back then, I visited the very last Polaroid packfilm factory based in Scotland. Together with Paul Telford I went there just a few days before they started dismantling it. Not knowing anything about production I could not even try to take any action - all I was able to do back then was to take some photos:

Now, hopefully the outcome of this journey will be much more positive. But honestly, when I think about the days ahead, I do feel big respect, a little bit of fear and also a lot of pressure on my shoulders - even if I always try to convince everybody that IMPOSSIBLE is my best speciality...

I simply have to find a good way to win the trust of the Fuji management. Because this time we are talking about the very last machines for this wonderful instant film material, and if I fail this iconic beauty will be gone forever.

Please do keep your fingers crossed & thank you for all your support!


P.S.: If you haven't done yet, please sign the petition at


  • Juan C.

    Such a shame this hasn’t worked out yet. So what was their ultimate reason for not letting you buy the machines and lease their IP? It’s madness. They can still make money and do very little. Such a shame :/


    the film is great and yields a negative- worth saving

  • Carla

    Just as many others i signed the petition, orderd a 100 packs but also decided just to use the packs for myself. In my country i give the workshop POLAROID MAGIC, all about instant, complete with the manipulations like combining with paint, the lift and opportunities with the negatives. Also we work with the Big-Shot or another camera’s witch takes the peel-off packs. Just an instant happening, full of surprises and another way to express your feelings. After this bad news, wich i don’t understand because of the next reasons;
    If you loose money?
    Find other ways! To keep this fantastic camera’s alife! But if you don’t?
    Remember your responsibility, to save this great legacy! Or make it possible for someone to take over!

    I wish you a lot of luck with this mission!
    And keep my fingers crossed!

    With regards,

  • Jens

    Good luck !!! I would be happy to support a production line rescue operation with some money.

  • Michael Kplus

    You will make it possible.

  • Laurent

    Keep fingers crossed, save fp100c … And maybe fp3000b too then … I had a dream ! … Need any help !

  • Thomas Boesgaard

    It’s a very important piece of photographic history, that they have decided to bury.

    Instant film started with type 100 film. Instax Film exists only because they were able to “stand on the shoulders” of those before.

    For a country so rich in tradition and ceremonies, to leave a piece of photographic magic and ceremony in the dust, is almost a committing a holy crime.

    I’m sure there must be a businesscase for keeping fp100c alive.

  • Jordan

    Prayers and crossed fingers for your travels and your endeavor! Save Fp-100c!!!!

  • Eric

    Please Fuji! We love our cameras and don’t want them to not be used!

  • Dagmar

    Please let Fuji(film) know that we love their film and that the next generation is already standing in line learning to shoot it!! Fingers crossed there will be a chance to save peel apart film for future use!! Thank you ,-)

  • MasonShefa

    The world is watching. Please save peel apart film for us.

  • Axel Breton

    You’re our savior, can’t wait to get more news from you.

  • Marty

    Yes, if anyone, it’s you. Thanks!

  • Renee Timmer

    Trust you. Always here to help. You can do it.

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