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In the last 4 wild weeks, 17 renowned artists have been busy turning the golden chairs of ZUM TAUBEN DOGEN into unique artworks.  On December 23 at 6pm all chairs will be auctioned at the Supersense Palace - hosted by the legendary auctioneer Nikolaus Schauerhuber in co-presentation with Walter Eselböck and his wife Eveline.  A list of all participating artists and all available chairs can be viewed online in our CHAIR ITY GALLERY The auction is happening on Wednesday, DEcember 23, 6pm at Supersense (Praterstraße 17, 1020 Vienna) Starting price is 50,- Euro / chair If you can't come  by personally but would like to place your highest bid on specific chairs, please call Florian Kaps "DOC* at +43 (0)699...

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December Events in the Palace

We are celebrating Advent with a tightly packed program - here we go: CIRCUS OF THE PRODUCERSMeet - Taste - Shop  Together with our friends from Taubenkobel we're presenting our favourite producers from all over Austria. Come and meet them in person, taste their freshest delicacies and treat yourself with these exclusive products. Di 1.12. Gut Dornau Räucherfische Mi 2.12. Michael Blank Messerschmied Do 3.12. Feigenhof Wien // Bierol im Punschstand Fr 4. 12. BlakStoc Wild Tree Hoppy Cider Wien // Bierol  Sa 5.12. Fischerei Schwarz aus Oggau  Mo 7.12. Weingut Schwarz Purbach Di 8.12. Gut Oggau Mi 9.12. Stephan Gruber Käse Do 10.12. Weingut Meinklang Pamhagen Fr 11.12. Weingut Sepp Moser Rohrendorf Sa 12.12. Shu-Chen Sojahaus Pinkafeld Di 15.12. AnnaMax Senferei Bad Aussee Mi 16.12. Jumi KäsePunks Do 17.12. Kaviar Grüll Salzburg Fr 18.12. Weingut Andert Pamhagen Sa 19.12. Gugumuck Wiener Schnecken Mo 21.12. Weingut Birgit...

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Zum Tauben Dogen

ZUM TAUBEN DOGEN 25.11. - 23.12.2015 Taubenkobel is coming to Vienna! This means that sensual pleasures are ahead! By day, top chef Alain Weissgerber presents exquisite food made of very best natural ingredients, in the evening private parties enjoy multi-course dinners and analog Supersense attractions. All details are available on Der Taubenkobel landet in Wien! Das bedeutet: einmalige Sinnesfreuden sind ganz nah. Denn tagsüber zaubert Spitzenkoch Alain Weissgeber Exquisites aus besten Produkten, und abends genießt man in kleinen oder größeren geschlossenen Gesellschaften mehrgängige Menüs und analoge Attraktionen von Supersense. Alle Details gibt's auf

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