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Pre-Orders are Caught Up!

Just a quick bit of good news,   All pre-orders (save for a few USA stragglers which will be fulfilled in the coming 2 weeks) are caught up!  That means ONE INSTANT orders now ship as soon as they are placed.   Chris

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Celebration & ONE INSTANT Merch

Dear Packfilm Saviors, It's been a challenging spring and summer for, well... basically everyone on Earth I guess. But in spite of all the doom and gloom, the ONE INSTANT team would like to brighten things up with a bit of good news. This September we have officially completed our inaugural Kickstarter campaign, which saw over 2000 backers receiving nearly 20,000 ONE INSTANT film cartridges. This represents a giant step towards a long-term future for peel-apart instant film, and although...

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It's a blog! It's an update! It's... NEWS!

Welcome!   This is the new platform for keeping up to date with all things ONE INSTANT. Upon completion of our Kickstarter project in the summer of 2020, we figured it was right & proper to have a right & proper place to share updates, talk shop, discuss complex nuances, and generally spread the news about our continued efforts to save pack-film and keep it alive in the 21st century.We hope you bookmark this here page and check back often. ...

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