After 3+ years of production, we are proud to introduce our third film type to the ONE INSTANT lineup - CHOCO!

CHOCO is a legendary film with roots going back into 20x24", 8x10", and packfilm history. It's a delicious, chocolatey, brown-toned monochromatic film made using P3 negative in combination with PP400 positive and chemistry. As you can see from the experimental prototype shots here, the shadows tend towards dark cocoa and the highlights towards frothy cappuccino.

It's a cross-processed Wunderkind that, rumor has it, was discovered when Kenny Rogers (yes, that Kenny Rogers) and his photo assistant were shooting Polaroid 8x10" and accidentally paired color negative with B&W positive & pod. The result of this happy accident was a film that delights all the senses. We are thrilled to be bringing it back!

Although we still have a fair bit of R&D to do on this new film, in typical SUPERSENSE fashion, we couldn't resist the urge to offer our first 333x 3-packs of CHOCO on a special pre-sale basis. To entice you further, we are excited to announce FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 3 or more CHOCO 3-packs!

Now, since we can't say for sure how long this process is going to take (and because we are infamously bad at predicting such things...), we are taking the safe approach and saying it could take anywhere from 2 to 4 months to start fulfilling these pre-sale orders. You've been warned... this is only for the die-hards!

After we successfully complete this pre-sale, CHOCO will become a regular part of the ONE INSTANT lineup.



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