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Inside 20x24 workshop

There is hardly a more magical moment in the history of photography than the one when a 20x24 picture is being peeled apart. Bit by bit negative and postive are dividing while a nearly supernatural picture appears. Our 20x24 master Marco invited photographers to take part in the very first INSIDE 20x24 workshop to share his skills and grant a look behind the scenes of one of the very last gigantic instant cameras. Being one of the few people who...

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Alan Marcheselli: Two days of 20x24 magic

Italian photographer Alan Marcheselli, known for his excellent Polaroid photography, paid our palace a two days visit to shoot with our 20x24 camera. Along with our 20x24 master Marco he got inspired by Star Wars and realized his very own intergalactic fantasy. Find out more about Alan here:

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Samu Haber on 20x24

Samu Haber, know from the Voice of Germany and Sunrise Avenue, visited our beloved palace to give an interview to Austrian TV ORF on Friday. He did not miss the chance to take some 20x24 portraits with him and record a single in our Flabbergasting Record Elevator.                                         

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