Gregory Porter at the Supersense Living Room Recording Studio


We're very proud to let you know that our Living Room Recording Studio has been graced by no one less but a recent Grammy winner: Gregory Porter! At the invitation of Universal Music Austria, he visited Supersense last October in order to record a few of his songs on vinyl.

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"We are doing a live recording straight to vinyl -
there is no editing, no fixing, no auto tune, it's just me,
the needle and the music. It's exciting, and the reason
I prefer this is the humanity to it - there are cracks
and wrinkles, which makes it valuable, daring and
vulnerable. And all of that comes
across in the recording."
Gregory Porter

It's our honor to have created a truly special record by adding our letterpress artwork and analog instant photography to  Gregory's music.

You can now play and listen to these limited direct-to-disc-cuts records in our brand new Horch Raum, where highest quality sound machines are available for playing the record.

Come pay us a visit to indulge into these unique, celebrated jazz sounds:

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