Supersense Supernews No.9

This week's events at the Supersense Palace:

FRIDAY 5. 12.
20x24 Christmas Photo Studio
with special guest Henny Waanders

Sarah our lovely Xmas fairy will transform our Instant photographic studio into a Christmasy magic world where you can have the most wonderful Xmas portraits shot on the biggest as well as the smallest Instant film formats.
And that for a truly fabulous special Christmassy price!
20x24 for 150 EUR // 8x10 for 35 EUR // Classic for 5 EUR
And to ice that delicious event, we are happy to welcome our good friend Henny Waanders, who has been head of development for all Polaroid camera projects in Enschede since the seventies, the man who thought up and built the first Impossible Instant Lab.
Henny will come to Vienna especially for this event, to tell you about his time at Polaroid and answer all your questions about all Instant Cameras ever built.

When: Friday 5. 12. 2014, from 3pm
Where: Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien
free entry!




SATURDAY 6. 12. 

Christian Thurner, the man who roasts our beloved San Giusto coffee together with his father in a cosy garage in Carinthia, visits us with his family to tell us about the history and the secrets of coffee roasting and preparation. In addition to that he will once again try to initiate the SuperSense team in the high art of "latte art". We will happily allow you to look over our shoulders and laugh at us while we try to learn.
Of course we will provide enough hectolitres of milk so that everybody will have the chance to create milk foam artworks on his own Cappuccino.
And if you always dreamt of touching our sacred Slayer machine, then this workshop is definitely your chance to make that dream come true!

When: Saturday 6. 12. 2014 from 11am
Where: Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien
Price: 20 EUR incl. 1/2 kg Coffee beans  and as much coffee and latte you can swallow
limited number of participants  - Please make your reservation with Sarah



SATURDAY 6. 12. 

Discover the art of basket-weaving and create your own Xmas decoration and small presents under the direction of master Luc Bouriel.

When: Saturday 6. 12. 2914, from 2pm
Where: Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien
Price : 30 EUR (incl. cost of materials)
limited number of participants  - Please make your reservation with Sarah



SUNDAY 7. 12. 
in cooperation with ViennaWürstelstand

We are simply looking for Vienna's bestest Vanillekipferln!
At the end of the events there will be amazing prizes, bursting bellies and a relaxed chill-out with DJ-sounds, punch and roasted chestnuts.
The rules of the contest are easily explained: If you want to present your Vanillekipferl family recipie, send an email to The most promising contestants will get a starting position for the presentation of their Vanilla treasures on the 7th of december, when the best Kipferl will be elected.

When: Sunday 7. 12. 2014, 3 - 8pm
Where: Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien
free entry



Monday 8. 12. 
hand rolled by our friend Uwe

In our Christmas Studio we will take two pictures of every participant - one with the wild KONO Rotwildfilm, the other with the magic KONO Kolorit. 
The films will be developed live, right during the workshop, the developing process will be explained and Uwe will answer all your questions about his famous reanimated cinema films and analog photography and cameras in general. 
The scanned negatives will be provided for download.

When: Monday
 8. 12. 2014, 2pm
Where: Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien
Price: 20 EUR incl. your 2 pictures and a 5 EUR voucher for the purchase of a Kono 3-pack


Preview for the rest of december:

  • Fr. 12.12. PhotoLamps Workshop
  • Sa. 13.12. Foxy Wine Tasting und Selfmade Xmas Tree Ball Workshop
  • Su. 14.12. Silent Concert in cooperation with AAA
  • Fr. 19.12. Your personal Flipbook Movie
  • Sa. 20.12. Your ultimate Weihnachtspackerl
  • Mo. Tu. 22/23.12. The most beautiful Xmas Vouchers and more

more details to be announced..


stay sensual

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