The TASTE BAR at front area of our SUPERSENSE palace is the place dedicated to seduce your taste buds.

Carefully selected DELICATESSEN from our expanding network of friends and family. Every single handcrafter is at least as passionate (some say crazy) as we are. Producing something very special with an incredible dedication and based on deep experience. For us this combination is what it is all about and what simply makes you happily closing your eyes to get lost in the sensations of your wild rocking tasting nerves.

Also we started to bring together some of the most astonishing TOOLS & TABLEWARE to help you dive as deep as possible into the manifold and often fragile adventures of taste. From our beloved handmade Slayer Espresso machine to special mouth blown glasses,...

Last but not least we organize exclusive TASTE WORKSHOPS so you can meet the hand crafters, the crazy ones who work so hard and passionate for your SUPERSENSE delight.