We believe in the irritating importance and the sheer beauty of a sensual perception that we call SUPERSENSE.

SUPERSENSE - The combination of all your senses blended, filtered, altered, overruled, enhanced and fine-tuned by your very own personal experiences, expectations, fears, hopes, intuitions and soul.

SUPERSENSE - Makes you fall in love with places, moments, incidences and products without any obvious reason. Resets your importances and inspires you to things you have never done before. Puzzles and bewilders you because you feel like loosing control and start to discover new facets of your very own even if you are not prepared to.

SUPERSENSE - Simply makes the difference by creating and initiating these special magic moments we are all longing and searching for.

This is why WE created an institution and started an ad-venture called SUPERSENSE with just a very small TEAM of close and crazy comrade-in-arms and some pure and distinct INTENTIONS.

Establishing a truly magic PALACE in the very heart of Vienna and the center of CYPERSPACE to serve as the new home and sensual stage for a steadily growing COLLECTIVE of visionaries, tinkerers, researchers and hand crafters who are united by their  passion and their belief.