Dear B&W Believers,

Before we update you with the latest news on our efforts to bring back black & white packfilm, we must first say a big THANK YOU! 

We've officially sold out of all 3333 shots from the b&w pre-order, and we can't wait to get them into your hands and cameras across the world!

Everyone who has pre-ordered black & white film should be recommended for sainthood because lately we've had zero emails of irate impatience about the fact that it's all taking longer than we intially planned, and for that we are humbled and very grateful. You packfilm saviors are the best!

Over the last several months there were a number of technical setbacks, and improvements have been frustratingly slow. But we can finally say that the results are really getting somewhere!  The latest b&w reagent tests in 20x24" format are looking really good (see above), and the boys in Boston aren't even finished yet.

Some hard-to-source chemicals have finally been procured, and John and his team are currently going through the tedious task of experimenting and tweaking the formula.

Additionally, some new recruits in the form of deeply experienced Polaroid retirees are joining forces with the 20x24 Studio, which is very exciting news for the future of this project. 

All in all, by the time the final b&w formula is settled upon, we're expecting a truly gorgeous b&w product!

Now, although we can't pin down a solid date yet, it feels like the home stretch.  We're hoping pre-order deliveries can begin shipping before summer hits.

In the meantime, the ONE INSTANT production team has been anything but lazy. They have prepared nearly all of the necessary cartridges, caps, positive assemblies, etc. All that's left is the darkroom work of attaching negatives and pods.

Due to all this prep work, the final steps will go very quickly, and we anticipate ONE INSTANT B&W pre-orders flying out the door as soon as pods arrive.


So that's all for now.

As usual, please feel free to email us at techsupport@one-instant.com with any questions, queries, concerns, or comments!

Hopefully we will have some more good news soon!


On behalf of the whole ONE INSTANT / SUPERSENSE team,


Liebe Grüße aus Wien,




* * *

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