Dear Packfilm Saviors,

Lately you may have noticed some 'radio silence' regarding our black & white packfilm resurrection, and judging by the recent emails we've been getting, you're chomping at the bit to get an update! I'm here to get you up to speed.

As usual, there's some good news and some less-than-good news.

First, let's get the less-than-good news out of the way...

The old Polaroid pod-filling machine (a.k.a. the Pod Runner) at the 20x24 Studio has had to undergo some unforeseen maintenance and this has meant an unfortunate delay of several weeks.

This beast of a contraption hails back to the 1960's, and as you can rightly imagine, it is one of the most important mechanical pieces in the 'saving packfilm' puzzle. When it breaks down, the 20x24 team has to move heaven and Earth to get it back up and running.

To make matters worse, the Boston area has been getting hammered pretty good lately with snow and wintry weather, and this has impacted the guys' ability to get to the shop easily. Add in the concern of COVID safety, and it's taken way longer than normal to get electricians and repairmen in to complete the necessary work. However, rest assured that the ball is rolling and it's just a matter of time till all of that is sorted out.

The good news is that we are nearly sold out of our pre-order supply! Nearly 87% of the promised first-run of black & white film has been sold, which indicates that the appetite for this film is tenacious. The support and enthusiasm we've received from everyone is just great, and we can't thank you enough.

Despite having no pods yet, we are still able to keep busy in the Vienna manufactory; prepping and assembling all that we can, so that as soon as we get pods we'll be able to make quick work of slapping them on and shipping the pre-orders out the door.

So stay tuned, and hopefully we'll be able to share some truly excellent news with you all in the coming weeks.


Till next time,







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