October Records Pt.1: Listener - Return to Struggleville LP / Wooden Heart LP / Time is a machine LP (Sounds of Subterrania)

Everyone who is blessed to have witnessed a live performance by the trio around Dan Smith from Arkansas, will confirm that Listener is a truly exceptional band.
Dan tells stories about life, about failure, line by line with haunting intensity and richness of detail. Stories about his own inner conflicts in a world that to him is both unbelievably beautiful and brutally cruel at the same time. It is therefore all the more important to find an artwork that perfectly represents his music. The cover is made of Gmund Treasury Traditional, one of world's most classy fine papers, the themes from Greg Coulton are not printed, but instead engraved with a laser beam, which takes about 22 minutes per copy. This way the scars in the paper represent the scars in life, which Dan sings about. Furthermore Supersense offers a world-exclusive, 10 copies Limited Edition, where the artwork has been laser-cut into smoked oak wood.




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