Polaroid by Florian Kaps
Polaroid by Florian Kaps
Polaroid by Florian Kaps
Polaroid by Florian Kaps
Polaroid by Florian Kaps

Polaroid by Florian Kaps


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Supersense founder Florian 'Doc' Kaps is many things in one: savior of Polaroid film, steak lover, founder of the Impossible Project, networker of the savepackfilm efforts, father, relentless fighter for analog in a digital world - and now also freshly graduated author: 
Over the last few months, doc was stuck to his desk in order to squeeze it all out: memories, materials, knowledge, stories and experiences about his deepest analog love and hardest analog fight ever:

The Magic Material

  • Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
  • ISBN: 9780711237506
  • Illustrations: 150 colour and b-w photographs
  • Size: 8.268 in x 0.327 in x 6.693 in / 210 mm x 8.3 mm x 170 mm
  • Published:
The story starts with visionary founder Edwin Land’s development of instant film in the 1940s. Doc shows how Polaroid has influenced visual culture in the seventy years since then, presenting more than 250 Polaroids including found portraits, ‘thoughtographs’, erotica, anthropology, fashion and fine art from photographers including Andy Warhol, Araki, Ansel Adams and Chuck Close.

The second half of the book finally tells the amazing story of how Doc revived production of film in 2008 with The Impossible Project, narrated with a crazy selection of his private instant photographs. It also explores the place of this analogue technology in the twenty-first century. Surprisingly, the factors that led Polaroid to discontinue production in a world transformed by digital photography, are the very reasons why there is ever-growing interest for the magic of instant photography today.