Martin Diamant

Martin Diamant


Role at Supersense: VinylVideo©
Supersense: Being able to see the extraordinary in everyday life
Sense I Could Live Without: Sight
Favorite Smell: The scent of freshly-cut slices of bread

Having become attracted to audio technology already during my childhood in the 1970s, and having studied sound engineering and physics, suddenly a lot of things came together when media artist Gebhard Sengmüller called me some day in 1997, looking for help in making a reality his vision of putting video films on ordinary vinyl records. Gebhard’s wild idea became successful as a piece of media art. In refining the technology I learned an awful lot and am now more fascinated than ever by what is possible with these very fine grooves cut into plastic discs. And turning the good old stereo record into an audiovisual medium really must be the most stimulating and rewarding way to cultivate the interest for analog technology. Now a part of SUPERSENSE, the invention is brought to a whole new level by being transformed from a piece of art (that could so far only be experienced at special exhibitions) into something that really everyone having a record player and TV set can enjoy at home. SUPERSENSE – with its recording studio, record cutting facilities and all those lovely colleagues combining brilliant expertise with true passion for what they are doing – is the ideal environment for projects like this, stretching the boundaries of technology and imagination.

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  • is an invention by Gebhard Sengmüller, Günter Erhart and Martin Diamant
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