MarkThomas Allround Twinpack

MarkThomas Allround Twinpack


Da uns unsere Kundschaft diese einzigartigen, mundgeblasenen Weingläser schon seit Jahren aus den exklusiven Händen reißen, haben wir sämtliche Info hierzu allumfassend und ganz internäschional in englischer Sprache aufbereitet:

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The  handcrafted wine glasses by Mark Thomas are mouth-blown in the Czech Republic, and the  concept of these glasses is - as it is so often – genially simple and as a result just genius.

When developing these glasses, 
Thomas pondered on the design of the perfect wine-glass. His interest was not focused on the appearance but rather on the perfect functionality of the glass. 

A big foot and a not too long handle for the perfect stableness, the perfect glass for perfect stability despite nearly unbelievably slight wall thickness, the whole glass of course dishwasher-safe and - MOST IMPORTANT - the shape of a goblet, which allows the perfect enjoyment of wine, as it brings out the true character of the potation.