Listener have teamed up with Sounds of Subterrania to do a special limited run of 500 copies of each of their 3 records (Time is a Machine, Wooden Heart, and Return to Struggleville) with new artwork for each record on 180 gram black vinyl. This is a very limited run, so get your copies reserved soon. The artwork is by Greg Coulton. The paper is a slightly metallic brown color (Gmund Treasury Traditional) , and the artwork is laser etched in to the paper. It took 28 minutes for the laser machine to complete each sleeve. It comes with a lyric insert (silver ink on black card stock), and is all in a heavy duty plastic protective sleeve. We are pleased to present this limited run to you all. They are really cool pieces of art. What is there to say about the music. Dan Smith told with haunting vocals stories about life and the failure. The Sound is a perfect mix from Beat Jazz paired with 90s hardcore punk.

Let's get detailed:
Weight: ca. 0,4 Kg 
Sleeve: Gmund Treasury Traditional
Processing: Lasergravur with Laser Pro Mercury III
Design: Greg Coulton

Production Time: 28 Minutes per Copy
Edition: limited edition of 500 copies 180 gram, black vinyl