Instant Camera Rental

Instant Camera Rental


You need a Polaroid camera for just a one night stand or even just for a few hours? Just for one special occasion or experiment? You are not sure if you want to enter a long term camera relationship? You do not feel ready yet for a purchase and do enjoy your independence.

We at SUPERSENSE completely understand and support this by offering our popular Instant Camera Rental Service. Carefully refurbished, good looking Polaroid Cameras for the breathtaking rental price of just 10 EUR / week.

Just bring your ID card or a 50 EUR deposit, choose your favorite cam, purchase all the film you need and you are ready for your instant adventures.

In the more than likely case that you fall in endless love with your rental camera and want to keep it forever and one day, we will reduce a one week rental fee  (10 EUR) from your purchase price.

More questions? Please call (+43-1-9690832) or email SARAH