David Küblböck
David Küblböck

David Küblböck


Role at Supersense: Analog audio mixing for direct cutting on vinyl
Supersense: Hearing the perfect microphone position
Sense I Could Live Without: Smell
Favorite Sound: A china cymbal as big as possible

At SUPERSENSE I offer something that can’t be found anywhere else and is unique worldwide. At our living room studio musicians can play their songs in a cosy atmosphere while their music is being mixed and cut directly. After playing their set, they can leave with their freshly cut record without waiting for it. There is no faster, more direct and more authentic way! The world of digital audio is all about removing mistakes in countless working hours and creating an artificial copy of the reality. This is something I simply can’t approve. In the world of analogue audio it is very important to do everything properly right from the beginning which really pays off if you listen to the end product.