It all started the day we met the smell scientist SISSEL TOLAAS in the lobby of "Das Stue" in Berlin about 2 years ago.

"I love the magic of Polaroids!" she told us very politely "but did you ever think about the fact that visual memory remains 30 percent after three months, while smell memory remains 100 percent after one year? Why not use that and create a tool to capture everlasting smell snapshots?"

We did not only think about it, we immediately took action and together with magic SISSEL as well as TINO VALENTINITSCH, a Vienna based designer, we not only carefully invented, developed and produced a breathtakingly innovative product that will change your world of SMELL but also opened a whole SMELL LABORATORY in our palace in order to teach you how incredibly powerful your nose is.

Please welcome and nose at the first limited Beta series edition of our revolutionary SMELL MEMORY KIT and our ABSTRACT SMELL COLLECTION and please do not hesitate to drop by and really dive into this new smelly adventure.

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