Our dream and vision is to make the Living Sound Room the new home for the most outstanding analog music instrument Wunderkammer of the world. A place where you can find and discover an expanding selection of unknown, rare, special, average, cheap,loud, silent, expensive, instruments from all continents and cultures. A place where you can play them, caress them and learn about them and the crafters who built and created them. Some of our instruments will become fixed inventory of SUPERSENSE, available exclusively for your recording and session projects in the Living Room. But most of our instruments will be available for purchase (even if this will break our hearts sometimes) in order to create a constant flow of very unique and special sound creation machines.

A small selection of those we start presenting here at our online shop, but the waste majority is waiting for you at our palace in order to be tested and caressed by you in real life in order to seduce you with their characteristics and charm.