Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa


Role at Supersense: musical curator
Supersense: thinking
I could live without this sense: none
Favorite sound: feedback

To me music is a very special form of communication, a form of expression. One can call it art but to me it's no longer art if you do it for money. You have to be uncompromising, understanding where you stand. If you don't dare to stand up for your own attitude, everything you do is worthless. With SUPERSENSE Florian offered an open space to me where I can pursue my creativity without any compromise. There are increasingly less places like this on our world because most of them are thoroughly capitalistic or teem with triviality. All areas that I work on with my label are represented at SUPERSENSE. You can buy records, cut an album and I take care that the cosy living room studio hosts the best musicians on this planet - without any compromise.

Currently, in mid-March 2018, I am very proud to contribute to the launch of VinylVideo®, which together with SUPERSENSE set out and succeeded to play not only sound but also video from a classic vinyl record!

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