Tears of Joy and Bliss

dear maddames und gentlemen

Webbomaestro Eduardo Lexi typing some lines here with trembling, tearsoaked fingers. As you may know, I usually prefer to lick at impossible projects in the  shadows of my famous Schwarzkohl forrest together with my blind dog, but after this last night I can not resist to kritzeln you some short THANK YOU lines in this blog. Thank you for being so wondafully crazy enough to support our dream of bringing my most  beloved black and white peel apart film back to life exactly almost more than15 years after I took this self potrait with my hand built wireless  remote self timer that I built into a SLR 680 (patents still pending).

Over 300 3-packs sold in 3 hours (together with 30 shots of Vodka) made me a very, werry, werrrrry happy man last night, making me feel young and powerful, ready to start dancing barefoot on Vespas again..

T H A N K  - Y O U ! 

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