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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 2: From Vienna to Tokyo

 JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE Sitting here at the airport and looking at the plane that will soon take me to Tokyo, I take my very first picture of this journey. Slowly peeling it apart I can not help but getting sentimental and remember my last "pack film journey" a few years ago. Back then, I visited the very last Polaroid packfilm factory based in Scotland. Together with Paul Telford I went there just a few days before they started dismantling it. Not knowing anything about production I could not even try to take any action - all I was able to do back then was to take some photos: Now, hopefully the outcome of this journey will be much more positive. But honestly, when I think about the days ahead, I do feel big respect,...

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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 1

Join Doc on an Instant Adventure SUPERSENSE founder  Florian "Doc" Kaps saved the last Polaroid production plant in Enschede in 2008. Now, he is eager to find a solution to keep the legendary packfilm format alive, which Fujifilm announced to stop producing. As a representative and spokesman of a passionate community, he will be traveling to Tokyo, Japan. There, he will have the honor of meeting a selection of high-ranking Fuji managers in order to present them plausible reasons and hopefully persuasive options how to keep this iconic format alive.Doc is sharing his journey towards this flicker of hope with you - follow what may be the last realistic opportunity to save packfilm.To support the campaign, sign the petition at  

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