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JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE After some days back in Europe I'm still slowly digesting all the intense impressions from my trip to Japan. Surprisingly, most of it really feels positive now, after some good sleep and with some distance. Please allow me to share one of the main reasons for that and introduce you to my magic Japanese psychotherapist.Even if I just had the pleasure to enjoy one single, 15-minute long treatment from this gentleman at 7am the day after my Osaka meeting, he restored my faith and positive energy in a more than delightful way.And, NO! I'm not going to just talk again about Sushi and the best Omakase-treatment I ever had. I'm talking about a very short but very touching conversation: “There is sense in everything”, he slowly said to me as I asked him how he feels about the unbelievable fact that the...

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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 11: Home is not the final destination

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE Back at the SUPERSENSE Palace I finally find the time to carefully digest all your mind-blowing comments, my dear analog sisters and brothers in arms. I am truly and honestly moved by your incredible support and by the warm energy of all your comments - and I only can whisper THANK YOU from the bottom of my analog heart. This is my very first attempt of writing something like a diary or travelog and honestly ,I am really blown away of how good this feels. Slowly I discover how much we really did accomplish together. Please forgive me that I can not write back to all of you, but you have my word that...

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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 10: INSTANT MIRACLE

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE My first blog entry without an instant picture. Because not even instant pictures - as magic as they are- can really catch miracles. And today, ladies and gentlemen, I had the pleasure to inhale an incredible miracle as a famous and more than successful technology entrepreneur and internet pioneer from California offered his powerful support for this mission. Please allow me to not yet disclose all the details but please trust me when I say that after all the hard days of the last week with very little progress, today finally feels like the turning point and all my batteries are fully recharged for the next steps.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doc      ...

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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 9: GRANDE AIRPORT SUMMARY

GRANDE AIRPORT SUMMARY On March 18th I found myself again at the same Sushi Bar as exactly 6 days ago. There I had some time to summarize the developments of my savepackfilm efforts over some last Chirashi Sushi before Europe and an early morning beer.  The biggest challenge of this adventure is the astonishing fact of how “light tight” this giant black box called FujiFilm really is. Nobody seems to know anything, so it's incredibly hard to develop a better understanding of how to push the right buttons and offer useful proposals. Maybe this is caused by the fact that I don't have any personal contacts and don't share any history with Fujifilm, but honestly I think this is only a small part of the problem.FujiFilm seems to be really famous for its very...

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Save Packfilm Travelog No. 8: No! But Yes!

JOIN DOC ON AN INSTANT ADVENTURE Dear all,please forgive the long silence, but the last hours have not been very easy for me.Allow me to start this update with the 2 worst pictures I so far managed to squeeze out of this wonderful camera. These images are my 2 desperate attempts to at least create some real and tangible outcome of my meeting in Osaka yesterday.   The gentleman to the left is the wonderful high rank Fuji manager Mr. Sadahiro Fujibayashi, and on the right, you can hopefully see Mr. Shinichi Sano, from On and On, one of the most powerful instant photography distributors in Japan.Well, please do not ask me in detail what exactly happened in this meeting, as most...

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